Frequently Asked Questions

How does mail tracking work?

When using the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) on your bulk mail, you can embed certain codes and serial numbers that tell the USPS sorting machines to provide tracking information.
We can tell you what codes and serial numbers to embed in your IMB's. When the scan information for each mail piece comes back to us, we will process that information and provide you clear and useful tracking results.

How much does it cost?

You can find all of our pricing details here.

What exactly is the Intelligent Mail Barcode?

Intelligent Mail Barcode
Intelligent Mail Barcode

The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) is a specific type of barcode that contains various types of information for bulk mail. It contains the delivery address information, but its main feature is that it also contains a lot of extra information about your mailing. In the IMB is information about the sort category, the services being requested, an identifier for the mailer, a serial number that uniquely identifies each mail piece and the delivery address represented by a string of digits.
The Post Office uses these barcodes to automate the sorting of the mail. The sorting machines that read the barcode are also able to feed information back to the mailer about the mail piece.

How can you predict when my mail will hit mail boxes?

The USPS publishes delivery service standards that include the number of days they expect they will take to deliver each class of mail between each and every ZIP code throughout the United States.
While the Post Office doesn't always uphold their own service standards, they will help give you a good idea of when your pieces will be delivered. Then, by tracking your mail you can get a clear and accurate idea of when your mail will hit in the future.
You can look up all of the delivery service standards at

Is your payment processing secure?

Yes. We encrypt the sensitive information we store and our entire site uses HTTPS, a secure transfer protocol. For more information about our payment processing methods click here.

What are your terms of service?

You can read them here.

Does Mr Mail Tracker have an Application Programming Interface (API)?

Yes. In fact, is built on top of an API. Click here for more information.